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The National Athletic Keto Association is the only Keto/Carnivore Bodybuilding organization in the world. NAKA started in 2019 with the first competition in Dallas, TX October 12th. The competition had two categories Men’s Physique and Women’s Figure.

NAKA is a grass-roots organization and as it grows, we will have all the typical categories you see at other competitions. We also plan on having Power Lifting as part of the NAKA organization. Keto is a movement that is changing the way people are prepping for a Competition and NAKA is the face of that movement. So, if your wanting to compete in a NAKA Competition you must be a NAKA Member first. Below you will have the form to complete your membership. The membership is good for that calendar year. Every year you will need to redeem a new membership.

NAKA Membership is $75.00

Membership Order Form


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