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What is NAKA?

Founder Cody Myler


AKA Fit Keto Cowboy

Owner of NXT Rep Fitness

Master Trainer

NASM Instructor

Podcast Host The Myler Flex Podcast

Expert Keto Coach

The National Athletic Keto Association was founded in 2019 by Cody Myler from Dallas, TX. Cody is the owner of NXT Rep Fitness and a Keto Coach for many people all over the world. With his enthusiasm of the Ketogentic Lifestyle he is out to prove to the Fitness Community that you can transform your body into an epic shape and live a healthier and happier life using the Keto methods.

The Future of NAKA is it will give a platform for Keto athletes to challenge themselves and have a chance to compete against of Keto athletes without the politics of a Fitness Show. With the 1st show held in Dallas, TX at NXT Rep Fitness the plan is to have 3 shows in 2020 with a Finals to compete for.

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